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The key to a consistent quality of tax preparation services is the team and the number of years they've been providing great services to individuals, families and business owners.

Tax laws changes a lot.  Tax Season team leaders and affiliates participate in taking classes every year to keep abreast of those changes so that we can provide you with the best services available.

Our Team
Larry Johns II | Phone: 832-656-9528

Larry Johns, | Phone: 832-723-9913

The family has been in the tax business for over 14 years, providing top quality and professional tax preparation services to individuals, families and business owner.  Larry followed in his father footsteps as a natural course to continue the family business.  He's looking to expand it far into the future for his children.

Larry senior had two things that fitted him properly for the tax business.  He was good with numbers and loved helping people.  And he's been doing happily for over 14 years.  With Larry the second joining the business, he knows that the family legacy will continue.

Chakeitha Johns | Phone: 832-226-2195

When Chakeitha married Larry, you also realized she was joining the family business.  She would tell you that she couldn't be happier.

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